Filter Cleaning

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Filter cartridges are often the most neglected part of the hot tub. A dirty filter will make your water unhealthy and look cloudy, and over time it can damage equipment and minimize jet pressure.

You should clean your filters weekly and every 3-4 months. There are two procedures essential to extend your filters’ life and keep your water clear.


Instant Cartridge Cleaner makes Surface Cleaning easy. Remove the filter cartridge, spray thoroughly on all the cleats, wait for 2 to 3 minutes, and then hose them down with a garden hose. We strongly recommend using a hose attachment like the Aquacomb or the Filter Flosser. You’ll clean the filter in half the time, it’s less messy, it does a better job of cleaning, and it will extend the life of your filters.

Most hot tub manuals recommend Surface Cleaning once a week, but it depends upon how frequently your spa is used. Never go more than a month without surface cleaning.


Deep Soaking your filters every three to four months gives them a new life allowing them to be used for an additional three to four months. HT Filters are designed to be easily cleaned, which is better than buying new filters every three months.

To deep soak, mix 8 ounces of Filter Clean for every one ¼ gallon of water in a bucket. You will need enough solution to submerge your filters fully. Let them soak for about 8 to 10 hours, remove them and spray clean them thoroughly. Then put them on a shelf in a garage or mudroom to dry. Make sure they are fully dry before putting them back into your spa.

We recommend having a 2nd filter on hand to make cleaning easy, and you won’t have downtime waiting for the filter to dry.