How to Properly Test Your Water

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A commonly asked question is, “how do I keep my water crystal clear and healthy?”. The answer is simple, test your water regularly.

Testing is easy, convenient test strips. You want to select a brand that reveals everything you need to know about your water the hardness level, pH, alkalinity, and the sanitizer level, of chlorine or bromine.

Some test strips don’t give you all that information. Choosing the right one will essentially save you time, money.

And it’s simple to use.

  1. With the jets off, you dip it about 6 inches into the water
  2. After 2 seconds, remove it with the pad up and shake once to remove excess water
  3. Hold the test strip next to the bottle and match up the colors

Now you have a precise reading of what needs to be adjusted to keep your water clear and healthy if you need a little more help adjusting the ph, alkalinity, or hardness level, select from the videos below.

Balancing PH & Alkalinity | Adjusting Hardness Level | Choosing Sanitizer