Keeping the Foam Out

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The second most asked question about Hot Tubs is, “How do I get rid of the foam in my water”?

First, don’t worry. It’s easy to solve, and foaming will not harm your spa, but foam will make your spa water cloudy and cause scum lines. So essentially, foam is an unwanted guest.

The most common foam cause is laundry soap residue from bathing suits, body lotions, deodorants, and hair products. However, it’s can also be caused by low hardness and pH levels or waiting too long to change the hot tub water.

The good news is it’s easy to get rid of with a product called Foam Away. Many companies sell it as a low concentration you poured into your hot tub where the foam occurs.

However, it would be best to be careful with the low concentration. It’s easy to pour in too much and make the water cloudy. There is another product from HT Chemicals. It is a high concentrate Foam Away is sprayed onto the water surface. It immediately eliminates foam with very little product used, and one bottle lasts a lot longer than the pour-in foam away, saving you money. And best of all, the water stays clear, reducing how often you need to change your water.

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