Hot Tubs 101

Learn How to Select & Use the
Best Products for Your Hot Tub

Hot Tubs 101

Learn How to Select & Use the
Best Products for Your Hot Tub

We provide the most accurate answers on “How to Choose the Right Cover lifter”, “Is Microban Worth it?”, “What Makes One Cover Better than Another”, to “How to Winterize My Hot Tub?

Your Online Encyclopedia for Hot Tub Care and Usage

Everything you need or want to know about using and maintaining your hot tub or swim spa.
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A guide to help you Choose the Best Sanitizer and Balance Your Water to keep it crystal clear. And which products not to use.


Learn the different ways Hot Tub Filtration works and Which Cartridge Filters are Best and how to properly clean them.


Learn what makes One Cover Better than another and why Some Covers Last Longer. Warnings on what not to buy.


Explaining differences between Standard Lifters, Pneumatic Assisted, & Fully Automatic to learn which is best for you.


Learn the proper sized step for YOUR hot tub and which handrail offers the most convenience and safety before your buy.


Transform your Swim Spa or Pool into an exercise machine that is Safe, Rewarding, and more Fun than you ever imagined.

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Balancing and pH Alkalinity

pH measures the level of acidity in your water. An improper pH reading can cause you to experience itchy skin,...

Adjusting the Hardness Level

The hardness level is determined by the amount of calcium in your water. It’s more common to have a low...

Choosing Your Sanitizer

The two most predominately sanitizers for hot tubs are Chlorine and Bromine. Both do a great job, and each has...

Keeping the Foam Out

The second most asked question about Hot Tubs is, “How do I get rid of the foam in my water”?...

How to Properly Test Your Water

A commonly asked question is, “how do I keep my water crystal clear and healthy?”. The answer is simple, test...

Why Water Maintenance is Important

What’s the most important part of your hot tub? Most Everyone has the same answer, your water. Hot tubing is...

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