Weekly Maintenance

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Proper weekly maintenance takes only a few minutes and will help keep your water clean and healthy.

And it’s simple, test your water to make sure your pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels are within the proper range, make sure your filters are clean, and add 2 ounces of Natural and Clear and 2 ounces of Protection Plus. That’s it.

Protection Plus is a combination of two products. The first one works like Stain and Scale, helping keep your mineral content in check so your water won’t turn brown. The second part is a clarifier that works like a coagulant. It takes tiny debris particles like dust and dirt, too small, to be captured by the filter and binds them together into a larger particle allowing the filter to catch them.

Natural & Clear is a natural enzyme that effectively breaks down the organics found in deodorants, soap residue, and body oils that users bring into the water.

Two ounces of Natural and Clear and Protection Plus is usually all you need to keep your water crystal clear. If your water gets cloudy from heavy usage, try one or two ounces of Natural and Clear each week for about 4 to 5 weeks.

Natural and Clear is very effective in helping to prevent what is commonly known as scum line, which can occur along the top perimeter of your spa shell.

Another great product that eliminates scum lines is Sun Sorb, a sponge that absorbs body oils and lotions that float on the water’s surface. It’s incredible how well it works.

And lastly, the best thing to do to keep your water crystal clear is to make sure your filters are clean.

Filter Cleaning